Most Likely to Survive: Matt Faulkner

At age 18, Matt Faulkner’s entire life changed in an instant. In this powerful podcast, the co-author of the book Most Likely to Survive and subject of the documentary "Recovery," recounted his journey from near death to remarkable recovery from traumatic brain injury (TBI). After spending almost two months in a coma, he underwent intensive neurological rehabilitation and managed to walk across the stage at his high school graduation just 103 days after his accident. He discusses how intense rehabilitation, support of friends and family, and personal fortitude helped him accept his situation, stressing that because of neuroplasticity, the brain can always change and adapt to new challenges.

This podcast was presented as part of the Winter 2023 BrainStorm speaker series recorded on February 23, 2023 and supported by Kessler Foundation, the Northern New Jersey Traumatic Brain Injury System (NNJTBIS), and a grant from the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR), Grant #90DPTB0003.

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This podcast was edited and produced by Joan Banks-Smith, Creative Producer at Kessler Foundation.
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