Social distancing with MS or a TBI: Difficulties with being *too close* and *too far*

Social distancing is becoming the new norm in the days of COVID-19. While quarantining is proving to be challenging for many Americans, there may be additional social struggles faced by individuals with multiple sclerosis(MS) and traumatic brain injury (TBI).
 In this podcast, we discuss with Dr. Genova how problems with social cognition (referring to the brain's ability to interpret and react to interactions with others) may be exacerbated during quarantine, and how to reduce the impact of these difficulties on relationships in the household. Dr. Weber also provides insight into how individuals with MS and TBI may be feeling socially isolated right now, and how to find social outlets and resources to improve mental health in this stressful time.

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National Organization
National Multiple Sclerosis Society -
Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey (BIANJ) -
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - 

Mental Health
New Jersey Mental Health emotional support during COVID 19 -
866-202-HELP (4357), 7 days a week, 8am to 8pm (EST) (Mindfulness for your everyday life) -

Mindful Meditation
Daily Calm | 10 Minute Mindfulness Meditation | Be Present -
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This podcast was recorded on Wednesday, April 1st, 2020 remotely and was edited and produced by Joan Banks-Smith, Creative Producer for Kessler Foundation.
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